Monday, May 23, 2011

Link Haze, 5/23/11.

• Nice wall art.
PSA of the day.
• Bear in a jacuzzi.
• cute gif of the day.
• Crosby Street, NYC.
• the dullest blog in the world.
• Obama in Brazil (above), via.
• This guy is just asking for vandalism.
• Russian female bodybuilders (some nsfw).
• Marlboro places video ad in Russian Playboy.
• RIP Randy Savage, one of the best pitchmen of all time.
Onion article of the week (which many right wing idiots thought was real).
Videos of the Day: Curb Your Enthusiasm NYC trailer (yay!); and a live update from our stupid reporter in the field.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you rant about the uni-ads on the subway cars? i was in one car on the L on friday - all of the ads were for united airlines. how boring after fifteen seconds... those uni-ads are like an ice cream cone - the first lick or two are great, but then the cold kills all the flavor after the third lick.


5:26 PM  

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