Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The most disgusting gum commercial ever produced.

(via) If you're a whip-smart Mad Man like me, you see the joke coming (well, I knew ahead time it was an ad for Stride gum) almost immediately. What I didn't see coming was the eww! ending. EWW! Spoiler Alert! Watch the video first. Done? OK—she chews up dead husband ash! I want a client like Stride gum! Ad agency: JWT NY, who, three years ago, posted a "pre-owned Stride Gum" ad on craigslist. Related: the most elaborate gum commercial ever produced.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

having ash on the gum is realistic (but very EWW!). no ash would have seemed fake. as it is, there is not enough ash on it, considering the gum was buried in the ashes. tough call!


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Blogger Leeum said...


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