Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Durex Condoms Ad Tastefully Addresses the German Cucumber E. Coli Outbreak.

(click ad via) Loose translation: "Girls, give EHEC no chance." At least 14 people have been killed by the recent bacterial outbreak, which has been traced to cucumbers from Spain. Nothing unseemly here, just filling a temporary market hole.
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Anonymous Home Inspector Expert said...

On question/concern I have had about this whole matter is this: the original suspected Spanish cucumbers (since cleared) were stated to be organic? The suspected source: manure.
But highly antibiotic resistant e. coli would logically be more likely to occur in the manure of animals routinely fed antibiotics.
I don't know the EU regulations regarding what food can be sold as "organic", but shouldn't it include the requirement that the amendments be organic? Not just manure instead of petrochemical fertilizers, but manure from organically raised animals?
(Never minding that, IIRC, manure should be cured in the sun for at least 90 days, or composted, precisely to kill off pathogens.)

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Home Inspector Training said...

I find absolutely weird those organic vegetables "may be the cause" and nobody has been able to identify the sure source of this epidemic spread of the bacteria. Also noticeable to me, is that the blame is on Spain, especially when there are no Spanish consumers reported ill, and when the Spain economy is stumbling. It smells like a dirty move to me...

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Personal Home Inspector said...

Bacteria are mutating, keeping one step ahead of us. The necessity for vaccines for live animals becomes more pronounced, and must be pursued. We also need to develop other interventions for use at slaughter plants, if we want to stay ahead of the mutating bugs. FSIS should place low dose/low penetration "irradiation" of carcasses towards the top of its list. Such treatment does NOT use radioactive isotopes, but a mere electronic treatment which admittedly is not a kill step, but will lower the numbers of microbes. All our other existing interventions also lack a kill step, but are authorized because they act in tandem with each other to lower the numbers of pathogens.

2:19 AM  

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