Thursday, September 01, 2011

Domino's opening pizza joint on the moon.

(via) Domino's Japan, that is. Good. Maybe they'll mine some cheese with some flavor. Why this stunt is funny or interesting or anything other than inane is a puzzle to me. Here's the well-built website. They're seeking ¥1.6 trillion to complete the project. Maybe the ah-ha! point to this is coming. We'll see.
Previous noteworthy pizza ads/promos:
• Papa John's pathetic Royal Wedding pizza.
• Hell Pizza does first bin Laden deathploitation ad.
• Domino's Poland ad is a fat double-crusted lie.
• and, the sleaziest pizza ads ever, via Spain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


B===D ~ ~ ~

But the "point" to this (↑) is also "coming."


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