Monday, October 03, 2011

A Chinese monster made out of plastic bags.

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Plastic bags, us Americans LOVE them. Fuck paper, and double bag everything! Well, maybe this will change your planet destroying ways. Ad agency Bates 141 got Chinese students to collect a bunch of bags and then created this Behemoth in a Shanghai park for the local chapter of Roots & Shoots, an environmental program of the Jane Goodall Institute. I'd like to see the monster animated, attacking and suffocating consumers in parking lots. Previous Chinese Green ad stunts:
disposable chopsticks tree installation.
big industrial drain pipe asses (nsfw).
pedestrians unwittingly create street tree.


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Blogger Skriba said...

hm. a brother?

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Blogger Sarah Bahbah said...

Kinda related but not, you might like this:

i actually cried with laughter when I saw the film. But then again I have an eccentric sense of humour. Commit to the whole vid and let me know your thoughts.

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