Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sexxxy women, here's two sexxxy boy-toy sex toy ads for your pleasure.

(click ads, via) Oh yeah, ladies. Your man won't go downtown on you? Japi-Jane's little man sex toys will go down and in—way in, and do it with a little man smile. Look at that hot little Chilean stud and his mini-six pack. Don't worry about what he's packing in his mini briefs, because you're using every inch of his man love, head to tiny toes. (I'm assuming that these are not metaphorical visuals.)
In their last campaign, Japi-Jane rather inappropriately used children's toys with extra long phallic noses. Ad agency: TBWA Frederick, Santiago, Chile.
More sex toy ads here, sexy ladies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so a man is supposed to give you an orgasm? go tell it on the mountain! thx

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Alexandra Forest said...


So you think a man can't give you an orgasm? You haven't met Copyranter. He can make you orgasm like crazy.

12:28 PM  

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