Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A tribute to Kim Jong-il (six attack ads).

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Now that the Dear Leader has rocketed off this mortal coil due to "mental and physical exhaustion", according to a blubbering North Korean broadcaster, we can look back with snickers at the anti-KJi ads produced by various human rights organizations.
Top Left: Kim gets his paper face rearranged by French freedom of the press advocates Reporters Without Borders.
Top Right: A very fake looking KJi is sent scurrying up the drapes by the mouse of Germany's International Society for Human Rights (ISHR). That looks like a boy's body with the Dear Leader's big head.
Middle Left: Kim looks quite non-plussed to be smashed in the face with (Uranium yellow) cake by the ISHR.
Middle Right: Jong gets the Photoshopped kiss of death from South Korean leader Lee Myung-bak via Benetton's latest round of rabble-rousing ads.
Lower Left: Amnesty International in Spain plants a bug-size logo on the ruthless dictator's schnoz, and digitally crosses his eyes. That showed him.
Lower Right: Not an ad, but the classic Economist cover from 2006.
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Blogger The Grammar Cunt said...

"For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.."
-Shakespeare's Hamlet, 1602

12:20 PM  
Anonymous -1-T-M- said...

So there's hope for North Korea after all!

"At Herezie, we believe that the strongest, most effective ideas in all fields of human achievement - business, but also art, music, science or sport - have always come from heresy; ideas that challenge and reshape the existing "orthodoxy," says Andrea Stillacci.

Cheil Worldwide Korea has announced the launch of its strategic alliance with Herezie Paris, a start up agency led by leading French advertising industry figures, Andrea Stillacci and Luc Wise, with the experienced backing of Pierre Callegari.


1:32 PM  
Blogger Vinnie said...

Did you mean Herezie, the French agency voted the best young agency? It's really funny that you posted this the day Mark posted their self promo ad.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous mrjohn said...


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