Friday, June 22, 2007

Link Haze, 6/22/07.

(Until Labor Day, one of my Friday posts will be a link dump. You got something interesting (ad related), email me: copyranter(at)hotmail(dot)com)
The only thing my favorite gonzo journalist, Matt Taibbi, hates more than democrats is neo-cons (link).
My favorite Assimilated Negro (as he says, "hide your fried chicken and polo shirts") breaks down the new 50 Cent VitaminWater commercial (link).
Citizen watches and Peyton Manning are unstoppable. Oh, wait... (link) (thanks Andrei).
My cyber-sort of friend across the pond, copywriter Scamp, just finished some nice work for Vodofone. The posters are quite striking. (link).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Took me a day to catch the fucking Mod Squad ref. I gotta spend less time updating. :-p

12:16 AM  

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