Thursday, September 13, 2007

Win a LIVE GREASY Bacon Wristband, round #2.

Last February, in recognition of the Chinese year of the Pig, I gave away 4 of these HOT COMMODITIES (they're not as easy to find as you might think) to copyranter readers.
To re-celebrate this fucking pig of a year, I am holding another contest in which I will this time give away five (5) Bacon Wristbands. Last time, I simply asked you to tell me why you deserved one of these sizzling suckers. THIS time, it's tougher. I of course accept and publish many reader tips. Well, starting NOW through the next week or two, the readers who submit the best five (5) tips will win their very own LIVE GREASY (my name for it) wristband. The selection process is completely arbitrary, but—you stand a much better chance of winning if your submission is original (for example, a photo you take) as opposed to something from another blog/website.
Two things for you Doofi to remember: 1] write BACON BAND TIP in your email subject lines; 2] if I write you back saying you're a winner, you then MUST provide me with a mailing address THAT WORKS in your reply. Show those "Live Strong" lemmings that FAT—at least in the color of your wristband—is where it's at. That is all. GO!!! (email—copyranter[at]hotmail[dot]com)


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