Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ray-Ban reshapes records, cassettes in continuing forced effort to be DOWN WITH COOLNESS.

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How starkly, beautifully, graphically, generic. As part of its ironically poetic/poetically ironic "Never Hide" campaign, Ray-Ban recently released this series of art director wet-dream print ads that passively, unconvincingly posit that their sunglasses have something, anything to do with music. Yes, a turntable deck has two round turntables, and sunglasses—any sunglasses—have two roundish things that cover your eyes. Voilá! Ad. Look at those albums man, warp fucking city. Previously, Ray-Ban's agency, Cutwater SF, produced a really stupid web video of a man and woman dry humping for 60 seconds. So they've now hit sex and rock 'n roll—the next Ray-Ban creative work will probably have something to do with drugs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm kinda digging it, but the film-grain is way over-done for my taste. The Ray-Ban skull (followed the link to the series) would make a kick-ass T-shirt. Paging Dov Charney....

Speaking of AA Tees, I got a Hatch Show Print shirt (Nashville, if you don't like country music, and are a graphic designer, it's the ONLY thing to do on the tourist drag besides drink cheap beer, but Hatch is very worthwhile) which was printed on an AA Tee, and I'm appalled at how skimpy it is.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Middle Name: Stanley said...

The art isn't bad. But I'm not seeing the correlation between Ray Ban sunglasses and music. And the headline isn't helping me to make that connection. WHY SHOULD I WEAR/BUY THESE SUNGLASSES? Because "they rock?" Well, then I guess THAT is your headline, assholes.

2:47 PM  
Blogger K is said...

Question - does anybody know who actually put the art on these together? They look an awful lot like the work of Daniel Dens --> http://www.danieldens.com/


3:51 PM  
Anonymous Simply said...

Ray Ban has established itself as an icon in the eyewear industry.

1:28 PM  

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