Thursday, August 14, 2008

copyranter on ANIMAL NY: Buygone ads: Ivory soap.

Back in the 1950s, Ivory was positioned as soapy Zoloft for men and sudsy Xanax for women. (link)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Steven Martin and i would like to show you my personal experience with Zoloft.

I am 35 years old. Have been on Zocor for 7 months now. This med did clear up the PPD, but weaning off of it has been absolute HELL. I got/am still getting the "zaps" that so many others talk about. Had I known it would be like this, I would have requested a different med. I will NEVER take this med again under any circumstances!

I have experienced some of these side effects -
Weight loss, upset stomach

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Steven Martin

2:00 AM  
Blogger mydearestprudence said...

i love it when people take shit so seriously.

9:14 PM  

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