Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing says "I'm a stud, baby" like a Onesie.

(click ad to stare) $20? That's like 200 2009 dollars. Well, it is nylon/polyester and has a "drop seat." (image via) previously in retro men's fashion ads: it's a 1960s vs 1970s men's top Ugly-Off. The scariest men's socks ad ever created. And three classic 70s h.i.s jeans ads, including one featuring a very young Nick Nolte.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lew Magram -- "shirtmaker to the stars"! That was the slogan nI remember seeing an ad around 1975 in a motel city guide magazine when I was on vacation with my mom out in California. Same tacky shirts with huge collars and high prices. And completely dated, and probably why Mr. Magram is no longer shirtmaker to anybody.

1:42 PM  
Blogger nero said...

i think the model should have been playing volleyball or something

4:56 PM  

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