Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Domestic violence awareness raised via blood-like soap.

(Click images) Hand soapvertising! Well, at least the blood's not coming out of the sphincter toilet paper dispenser. To promote awareness of domestic violence in Portugal (up significantly in 2008), Amnesty International apparently replaced the normal soap in some Lisbon bar bathrooms (men's, I'm assuming) with red soap that was, according to the press note from agency McCann Erickson, "identical in color and thickness to blood." What a wonderful, drunken shock that must've been! Maybe you then read the little sign (left, translated from Portuguese) and stopped shitting you pants. Maybe not! (via) previous intrusive bathroom ads: one, two, three. previous Amnesty International ads: China, China, China, Abu Ghraib torture, genital mutilation, female feticide.


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