Friday, July 17, 2009

Anti-domestic violence advertising goes low-tech.

(click image) As we saw with the high-tech Amnesty International bus poster in Berlin, domestic violence often goes unseen. But often not unheard! To illustrate that fact, ad agency TBWA in Lisbon, Portugal created these screaming ad strips that were inserted into apartment building openings around the city. The (translated) copy on the strips reads: "An escaping sound can be a cry for help. Domestic violence. If you hear it, report it." How invasive! What's next? Sky-writing ads that read: "Domestic violence is skyrocketing. Report it today!" (image via) Related: a roundup of recent anti-domestic violence advertising.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now THIS is a campaign I find unintentionally humorous. It makes me think of Mr. Bill.

This one needed a bit more thought.

12:16 PM  

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