Monday, October 26, 2009

The Trib: Guardian of Gotham.

(click ads) Like every major metropolitan newspaper, the now bankrupt Chicago Tribune has reduced staff drastically over the last few years. But they're going down punching wildly, at least judging by these self-promotional ads by Toronto (?) ad agency Juniper Park tagged "Covering the stories you need to know." While the art direction is attractive, the headlines are clunky and weak and—particularly the Batman-riffing one—come off as gratingly pompous. Especially considering that they're for The Trib, not exactly, reputation-wise, America's juggernaut of print journalism (images via). Previously in newspaper/magazine self-promo ads/stunts: The Economist. The Economist again. The Guardian. Business Week. FHM India. FHM Germany. And the New York Times.


Anonymous J said...

Guardian of the City? Maybe. In the sense that they are guarding some of the city sidewalks from bum feces.

6:19 PM  

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