Monday, December 21, 2009

worms wearing bibs eating your eyes with little pitchforks.

(click ad, via) Finally, another eye bank ad (the first was far more disgusting)! It's for the Bharat Eye Bank in India. It's by Chennai ad agency 1pointsize. I have nothing at all to say about it, I'm just so happy to now have two eye bank ads in my archives. Maybe you'd like to say something about it? Visually related: Eye Carumba! Eye Eye Aye! Eye Spy Racism! Dead Eye Dick! update: I have something to say! Why pitchforks? That's implying that eyeball-eating worms are evil. That's not right!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting, too, given that the majority of people are cremated at death in India (Hindus, etc).

8:04 PM  

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