Monday, March 01, 2010

...also since she started wearing tight thin shirts sans bra.

(click ad, via) Nice illustration! The "cat" looks like an ugly drag queen with a hideous wig. Previous wate-on® ad: 1965—Raquel Welch couldn't afford to be skinny.


Blogger Unknown said...

Drag queen? Don't you know Prince Valiant when you see him?

8:13 PM  
Anonymous is nothing sacred? said...

I know abuse of any kind is a serious problem and I'm absolutely sure I'm going to hell for this BUT... what is sexually ambiguous Prince Charming demonstrating here, a 'bitch slap' ???

A Bitch Slap is a sharp, openhanded, stinging, yet generally benign slap – similar to being slapped by a bitch. When you “bitch slap” someone, you are slapping him or her like a woman would!

How to perform:

Imagine some bitch just called out your fake Louis Vuitton shoes and hat just to make your baby’s daddy laugh at your cheap ass.

Raise your right hand above your head, elbow bent, and pretend you are throwing a baseball like a girl. Open palm comes down in a chopping motion to the cheek and jaw of your victim. Twist your shoulders into the attack for maximum effect.

(Thanks to Urban Dictionary)

12:40 PM  

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