Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a cane! It's a dumb-bell! It's a dumb-bell cane!!

(click ad, via ) Lazy fucks of today have the Ab-lounge. Back in 1900, they had the Dumb-Bell Cane. What made a cane a dumb-bell, you may be wondering? Why, they attached a "solid ball of finely nickeled metal" to the end of a wooden stick, which enabled gentlemen to exercise as they walked "to and from (their) business" and, in the process, "develop the muscular power of an athlete." Three bucks, for a cane. I guess that's better than $14,615 for an exercise bike.
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Anonymous franCo. said...

What a load of horse dung!!!

I wonder how many semiconscious subscribers to 'Physical Culture' skipped through the ad's shitty copy and zoomed in instead on the pile of crap, the twirling, distracted gentleman barely missed stepping on.

A not so subliminal ploy by the illustrator.

12:42 PM  

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