Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Trend: Bank Spots With Anthropomorphized Money.

Previously, we saw Abe Lincoln getting a blowjob from/fucking a Deutsche Mark for German finance company Bontrust. OK, it's only a trend of two right now. But you know that third spot with birds made of money sitting on a nest egg (or something) is already boarded up at some agency right this moment. Here, to promote Barclays tax-free ISA, we have a pile of pounds coming alive to sing "Tomorrow" from Annie. It depresses the fuck out of me. BY BBH London via.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a much better bank ad. Actually for a credit union done by Rhett and Link. We won the spot as part of their campaign.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous mrjohn said...

I've banked with Barclays since I was a kid, think I'll switch to Bucks First.

By the way, Barclays will reduce the interest paid on a savings account after a few months without notification.

12:11 AM  

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