Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photocopy your Ass for Ass Cancer.

This is the second example of good-cause AssVertising I've come across (shut-up) that's ostensibly worth getting behind (here's the first). It's for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. And they're looking to create a Facebook Buttmob on March 31st. So, copy/scan your ass (especially you), and go post it on their microsite, I guess. Will scrotums and labia be edited out? Think the Facebook digi-nannies will allow this? Ad agency: Ogilvy Montreal, via. To search my AssVertising Archive, click here.


Anonymous Vinnie said...

I've seen a lot of stupid ideas come out of Ogilvy lately. For instance, the disastrous "cock, pussy, ass" campaign that Ogilvy Brazil(?) did for the Red Balloon English schools (later they released a new one). Now, this idiotic "copy your ass" thing by Ogilvy Canada. Oh boy.. Apparently, you don't need that much talent these days to get a job in advertising..

4:44 PM  

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