Monday, March 29, 2010

Sex Sells Instant Coffee.

(click ad, via) "Great coffee" is not Nescafe, that's for damn sure. No matter, let's pretend it is. This ad, via Sweden, is about the most forced sexual sell of an unsexy product I've seen. And I've seen some dubious ones: home improvement; Alka Seltzer; hearing aids; floor cleaner; meat seasoning; and even fucking soup.


Blogger RFB said...

He wears filthy tube socks. And does Converse sue now? Loving the Photoshopped steam from the cups. It's still hot. And so were they. Disappointed there wasn't a stringy thong tossed on the floor, or a pair of Diesel jeans.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Vinnie said...

I like the campaign, Mark. It's funny. The idea, I guess, is that coffee keeps you awake, and yes, sometimes funny things are happening at libraries (especially if they are open past midnight). Swedish advertising rocks! I agree there should have been more clothing articles thrown

10:39 AM  
Anonymous hot to trot said...

AH yes, I remember an old Swedish saying my old friend Ingeborg would often quote:

Allvar och gamman trives gärna samman.

(Seriousness and pleasure should thrive together)

7:57 PM  
Blogger Kevin Erb said...

What's the great idea, exactly? "Hey, we should fuck!"

10:32 AM  

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