Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mooncup has designs on your netherlands.

(click ads, via) God, this week so far it's been all tits and penises and now pussy. I'm sorry? Mooncup, seller of silicone menstrual cups—"the healthy alternative to tampons"—has just launched a new blind outdoor poster campaign in the UK tagged with the url Once there, ladies, you can tell Mooncup what you call yours (scroll down). Right now, I guess unsurprisingly, "cunt" is the number one nickname. I would like to see further design executions for Growler, Dick Sharpener, and The Wound That Never Heals. Agency: St. Luke's.
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Anonymous sleigh of mouth said...


The nickname William Randolph Hearst is reputed to have used for his mistress Marion Davies, a reference to her rose garden...

...and the last word uttered by Orson Welles (who knew better, nudge, wink) in 'Citizen Kane'.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey cocksucker, your a man so fuck off and leave the lady valley naming rights to us. Asshole

7:58 PM  

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