Thursday, May 06, 2010

Eyes on the road, drunkey!

(click image) Headline translation: "Don't Drink And Drive." On behalf of the Or Yarok Association for Safe Driving in Israel, the Tel Aviv office of Y&R Interactive spent six months constructing this 60-foot tall, 15-ton bottle obelisk made of 80 wrecked cars. According to the agency press notes, 1,000,000 motorists a day will be exposed to the distracting thing over the next three months. It's a fairly impressive piece of ambient advertising which also happens to be unoriginal—a fact I'm sure the agency, if not the client, was well aware of.
Previous unusual ambient drunk driving ads
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If you can piss a straight line, you can drive.
Puking chick floor sticker warns puking chicks about driving drunk.


Blogger rk said...

Yup, completely unoriginal and worse execution.

7:46 PM  

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