Monday, May 03, 2010

Photoshop Phacial Abuse of the Week: Nissan Cube.

(click ads, via) "Humans aren't symmetrical, why should their cars be?" Good, meaningless, strange point, Nissan. The latest generation of the mini-MPV Cube has an asymmetrical back window, which is...something that doesn't suck, I guess? Fuck if I know. These freaky same-half face people would make chilling horror movie characters, though. Campaign by TBWA Paris. Previously stops on the Worldwide Photoshop Phacial Abuse Tour:
Digitally-aged hippies via Dubai.
• Maruko bras smush men's faces via Japan
• Skim milk instantly makes fat faces skinny via Saudi Arabia.
Gruesomely flattened faces sell...something via South Korea.


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