Thursday, May 13, 2010

Retro Copywriting of the Week: me heap impressed.

(ad from 1899, via) Nice one, Dr., and amateur copywriter, Scott. Instead of just banging me over the scalp immediately with the hard sell, you use a nervous, westward-fleeing Injun to remind me that it is my Manifest Destiny (chuckle) to preserve my hair. The only thing I would have added to your pristine copy was *guaranteed not to electrocute* in bird seed type at the bottom. Previously in retro copywriting hall of fame:
• 1969: Tab.
• 1959: Hanes.
• 1940: Sanka.
• 1970: Slack Power.
• 1968: Morton's salt.
• 1966: anti-smoking.
• 1916: Cream O' Wheat.


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