Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bp cleanup crews in Pensacola goofing off. For now.

The western-most city in the Florida panhandle is as happy as a (sludge-free) clam that Oil Armageddon hasn't fully hit their shores, and is trumpeting their good fortune with this tourism spot featuring two off-duty cleanup workers taking in the sights. At least, I think it's a (insensitive) tourism spot, and not a parody, since it's posted on the visit Pensacola YouTube page. Maybe bp should take this don'tworrybestupid tone in its advertising, instead of their disingenuous We Will Make This Right hooey. Even New Orleans thinks the worst environmental disaster in history is fucking hilarious. Thanks to Joseph Vinson for the tip. Previously in tourism ads: Las Vegas lamely mocks New York, invites all douchebags.


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