Monday, August 23, 2010

In New Russia, Everything PENIS!

(click image) Actually, this outdoor banner for Largo tomato juice hangs in Estonia, according to Anybody speak Estonian? I think the headline translates to something like "Good Potency." I did not know tomatoes promoted pecker performance. Add it to the lengthening crop of recent sexxxy ads (some nsfw) from Russia and former Soviet states advertising everything from sausage to car insurance.
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Blogger tajo said...

yes, you're pretty close. the correct translation is "good for potency".

9:25 AM  
Anonymous romano tomato said...

I always thought it had to do more with preventing prostate cancer than performance.

Tomato prostate (particularly cooked tomatoes some research suggests) is about preventing prostate cancer and infection, and management of an enlarged prostate.

... taking lycopene as a dietary supplement is not as effective in preventing tomato prostate cancer as eating whole tomatoes."

10:42 AM  

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