Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Russia, "The Last Exorcism" promoted with orgasming women.

Because, say it with me loyal copyranter readers: In new Russia, (nsfw) EVERYTHING SEX! (sigh) Anyway, you've probably seen the viral marketing hatched by Lionsgate on chatroulette to scare up interest for their horror film, opening Friday. Well, the movie debuts September 9th in Russia according to, and local distribution company Volga Film went a different orgasmic-er promo route. I command you, out of her body, pleasurable little earthquakes! Previously in: the female orgasm.


Anonymous the devil is in the details said...

I wonder if in Italy they'll mimic Mother Russia's orgiastic excess but adding local musical flavour... Zucchero's soundtrack of 'Diavolo in me' - 'I've got the Devil in me'.

4:03 PM  

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