Thursday, September 02, 2010

Norman Rockwell's ghost kicked hard in the balls to deceptively sell salad dressing.

(click ads, via) Hidden Valley Ranch's "making vegetables look like desserts" campaign has been running in crap entertainment magazines like People for some time now. But these latest executions, via DDB San Francisco, really up the pressure on Mom to try to force some yucky vegetables down her charges' throats. Salad sundaes! Broccoli pies! Good luck with that! Just be happy that you were able to get them to switch from Chocolate to Cherry Pop-Tarts for breakfast. Related: Pam Anderson in a lettuce leaf bikini for PETA. Previously: 1950s—the Jolly Green Giant used used to be less giant, more frightening.


Anonymous Paul B. said...

Why dump the product shots into these unedited? Not even use a filter, but then position the photos to look like they're resting in the illustrated scenes. Good.

I love seeing when 30 seconds more effort could have slightly firmed up a wet pile of ad-dysentery.

12:34 PM  

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