Friday, September 24, 2010

the strangest cola ads ever.

(click ads, via) Club-Mate drinks are popular with German club kids (according to Wikipedia) because of their high-caffeine, low-sugar content. To promote their new cola flavor, ad agency Jung von Matt produced these minimalistic head illustrations with see-saw eyebrows. Next, they added an anthropomorphised Club-Mate bottle doing one of two things: turning frowns upside down, or opening sleepy eyes. I think the agency was going for the latter, but I read it first as the former. Either way, just fucking strange. Here's a roundup of previous insane ads that I sorta liked. And here's six of the strangest commercials ever made.


Anonymous Vinnie said...

The former was my interpretation, which, on second thought, doesn't make sense as Cola does not really make you happy. I just thought the faces looked kinda angry. The correct interpretation indeed is that those are the faces of sleepy or maybe even stoned (?) people (party kids). Who knows..

2:57 PM  

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