Thursday, September 09, 2010

What will save magazines? Coffee.

(click ad, scanned from Sports Illustrated) Solid analogous argument from the magazine industry on why magazines will survive—they taste richer and fuller than the Internet, or as they derisively call it "instant media" (which is a positive term to me). Previously in their Power of Print® campaign, the industry wrote us a dull ransom note ad to try to recover some of their lost money. Now, they ask us a ridiculously irrelevant question. But hey: maybe the marketing director of Maxwell House or Sanka will see the ad and slightly increase their print budget? Magazines—forever terrible at advertising themselves. Campaign by Y&R NYC.


Anonymous Katherine Bucar said...

I agree that instant internet is a positive this. Would the alternative be slow-brewed internet? Didn't think so.

The ransom note ad was terrible! But even worse was the Power of Print ad with Lady Gaga. I love Gaga, but the photo irked me. She looked UNintentionally weird and large.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somewhat related...I love magazines but to buy them individually is too costly. It seems obvious that digital magazines would be the way to go. I think the magazine industry along with fans like me should picket Steve Jobs at Apple to give up his stranglehold on magazine subscriptions. I feel that I should be able to get the same subscription rate or even less when I view via iPad. The cost for doing so would have to be drastically less than sending me a hard copy via snail mail. As it stands now, I am ticked off at Apple and the way it trys to control everything and everyone and I'm ticked at magazine companies for wanting to charge me $ 4.00 each time I use an iPad app.

3:10 PM  

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