Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The tough guy drink in Australia? Flavored Milk (hahahaha!).

(click images, via) Man the fuck up, didgeridoouchbags™! What's going down, Down Under? So much Metrosexual-phobia. Two beer brands—Barons and Victoria Bitter—have recently come to the rescue of ant-balled Aussies. Now, Chill brand flavored milks (snicker) gets its MAN on with this two-part billboard. The teaser fake cologne board (L) first appeared for two weeks. Then, the reveal. Flavored milk—it'll put hair on your chest. Miller Lite, by the way, has erected this exact fake French cologne/Man Up idea in Chicago. Who stole from whom? Fight! Fight!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why exactly is the man with pubes going halfway down his thigh considered more desirable?

1:32 PM  
Blogger nobody said...

I agree with anon- guy needs some heavy waxing before even the most desperate chick will do him.

Also, how is flavored milk "manly"? At first I imagined it was beer flavored milk... or something...

9:25 PM  
Anonymous HIRSUTE MANJEE said...

@ nobody


There's no pleasing you.


First it was 'sweaty balls' and now it's 'hairy sweaty balls'.

10:09 AM  

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