Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Link Haze, 11/12/10.

• Some dick stole his bassoon.
• Last day at the office emails.
Best penalty kick ever? Maybe.
• America is full of xenophobic morons.
• Buy the maybe schizophrenic two beers.
• Camel introduces "Williamsburg" cigarettes.
• Toulouse-Lautrec shitting on a French beach.
• This flamingo flock foto is maybe Photoshopped.
• Abe Vigoda was still alive on Wednesday at 8:57 am.
• Fake pigeon shit stickers promote Lisbon art festival.
• 1995: Newsweek writer sez Internet won't be all that.
• Breast cancer breast fest film festival website intro will give you a start.


Anonymous MON DIEU said...

Thank God for small mercies and Toulouse's short stature and physical appearance.

What happened on the beach at Le Crotoy, Picadie stayed on the beach, preventing a new category of french postcard, the 'scat' variety.

1:50 PM  

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