Monday, November 22, 2010

In Spain, voting is orgasmic (sfw, turn volume down).

Catalonians go to the polls this Sunday to elect parliamentary members. To help get out the vote, the youth arm of the Socialist party produced this video of a woman getting off inserting her ballot in and out and in the box slot. To the quotes!
• Catalonia Socialist Party leader Jose Montilla: "If it encourages people to vote, it's a good thing."
• Alicia Sanchez-Camacho of the conservative Popular Party said the video was an "attack on the dignity of women."
• Green party candidate Joan Herrera, said it would be "very difficult to reach orgasm voting for any of the candidates, myself included."
• Lastly, the Spanish Minister of Equality Bibiana Aido: "If it was true, electoral participation would go up greatly, but I think we are dealing with a misleading advert." She thinks!
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Blogger Welshaims said...

Oh dear god that is desperate. I'm embarrassed watching it, and it wouldn't make me more likely to vote....what the hell were they thinking? (love the comment from the politician!)

11:07 AM  

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