Friday, November 19, 2010

New towel ensures you won't dry your face with ballsack sweat.

(via adrants) That butt-ugly thing above is the new "true clean towel," which is apparently a real product. The premise is: you don't want to dry off your face with the same part of a towel you use to dry off your balls. And this towel ensures that that won't happen. It's yours, for $19. Video below. Look for the wonderful pubic hair in the mouth moment. Me, my balls always smell like the forest. But maybe you know some mook who would appreciate this for Christmas. It makes a perfect combo gift with the Tuggie. Previously in: Male GenitalVertising.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, if you're getting out of the shower and you're afraid to use the same towel to dry off your nuts and your face, then get back in the goddamn shower because you're doing it wrong.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Abdallah Anwar said...

Do you know who the marketing/ad agency for this spot is?

Inside That Ad

11:19 PM  

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