Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Donate your liposuctioned fat to starving Africans.

(via) Update: It's for Practical Action, who say: "we don’t believe that any imposed solutions are what’s needed to alleviate poverty. Whether it’s reverse liposuction or something else."
I haven't found the source of this ridiculous hoax video for the "Klaxon Institute" and their "stretch and blow" reverse liposuction method that pumps your discarded fat into the "peoples of the Third World." But maybe it's via some British hunger organization trying to be tragically funny? The video uploader is hidden. Google was no help. That's all I got time for. You got a guess? Previous hoaxes:
• the fake American Apparel ads.
• Either you donate $50,000, or she aborts her baby.
• Fake homeless people fake out Polish businesspeople.
• Samsung "launches" 100 paper planes 21 miles above earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's from these people, supposedly.
Probably some waste of space agency trying to show the charity how exciting and cut-through their message could be.
Big bunch of fat crap.

8:02 AM  
Blogger copyranter said...

Yeah, I found it, thanks.

8:03 AM  

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