Wednesday, February 09, 2011

1936: The Nazi Graphic Design Manual.

(click images) Respect the Aryan white space! This ridiculously detailed thing was 550 pages long. Read much more about it at Design Observer. Download it here. Related: Hitler-tising—Der Führer is still moving product, baby!


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Full pdf available here:

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Anonymous -1-track-mind- said...

RE: the Nazi's use of Blackletter, also known as Gothic script.

Thank God things turned out the way they did for Hitler and Germany.

The term Gothic was first used to describe this script in 15th-century Italy, in the midst of the Renaissance, because Renaissance Humanists believed it was barbaric. Gothic was a synonym for barbaric.

Europe's two main competing typefaces reflected religious, political, and even architectural differences Gothic versus Romanesque.

The Roman type style soon gained favor in Italy, France, and other Catholic regions.

Who new that neutral Switzerland would dominate and save the day with Helvetica, now a widely used sans-serif typeface, developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger with Zach Spinner, so easy on the eyes, great clarity and no intrinsic meaning in its form.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No "graphic designers are fascists" jokes?

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