Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Shocking" animal rights ads unshockingly banal.

(click ads, via) Sorry, but fake castrated dude is not in enough pain; he looks like he's singing. And the chesty Fräulein's Photoshopped skinning wound is very amateurish. Headline translations: (L) "Put yourself in a pig's place. Stop anaesthetic-free piglet castration with us! Animals suffer like we do." (R) "Put yourself in a mink's place. Don't buy animal skins! Animals suffer like we do." Too wordy. Ads are for this German animal rights group. Germany, please let the Dutch show you how to do sex and gore for animal rights. Ad agency: Frese & Wolff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it looks like the creative responsible for this campaign is into bdsm lol

2:26 PM  

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