Tuesday, March 01, 2011

German newspaper mocks Sakozy, North Korea with facebook-themed ads.

(click ads, via) Welt Kompakt is a compact 32-page version of Die Welt, a major German daily. It has a "fresher look and is targeted to a younger public," according to Wikipedia. But it's not online yet!—though they do have a facebook page. As facebook increasingly becomes The Most Important Thing In Our Lives, we're of course going to see more and more of these ads lazily riffing off of it. These are pretty funny, though.
Previously, Gold's Gym mocked fatties with it. An Israeli optician mocked ugly women with it. And, a major Israeli bookstore chain mocked facebook itself.


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This long-ago blog post of a friend of mine seemed somehow related: http://doubleentendre.tumblr.com/post/1097737766/well-played-iran

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