Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Skin your pet alive with the Bissell pet vacuum attachment.

(click ads, via) It's time again for copyranter's Art Directors Gone Wild! The concept here, as it often is with today's digitally dependent dorks, is "Photoshop." These torturous images will of course appeal wonderfully to the sensitive pet owner demographic. Agency: FP7/BAH, Bahrain. Previously in: Photoshop Animal Abuse.
update: a Bissell rep wrote to tell me "this is not a Bissell advertising campaign. It was one of several concepts submitted to one of Bissell's international distributors and was never intended for publication."


Blogger Unknown said...

not to mention PETA!

1:02 AM  
Anonymous KevDog said...

Anyone who thinks the words "pet" and "vacuum" belong next to each other deserves the monstrous claw-raking pain they are about to receive.

9:49 AM  
Blogger SJ said...

As a nice guy who shares my life with 2 dogs and takes really good care of them, I shave my dogs after the winter using a vacuum attached to the clippers. It's a good thing. The dog like it, it sucks up fleas, there are mothballs in the tank to kill the fleas and we have little to no cleanup. Not everything sucks because PETA says so. After all, PETA members kill and dump dogs behind Piggly Wiggly and that is ok.


3:37 PM  

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