Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The "greatest" poster ad of all time? Of course it had bOObs.

(click image) Eva Herzigova's 1994 Wonderbra ad is the winner, as voted on in the UK and reported last week by Brand Republic. I'm sure the second place finisher was a distant second. Related: Ten WonderBra ads from around the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK now the venting session, something I've wanted to get off my chest (ar-ar): this is a perfect example of why I left Britain. It's not that there is not sexism in the US, and at an institutional level, it's just it's not ingrained at every level of men's psyche like it is in Britain. It was a revelation for me to find that most American men actually like women, a completely novel experience for me. More often than not, I've had conversations with American guys who genuinely respect and enjoy your intelligence. That simply isn't possible in the UK. You are always given the overt impression that they are doing you some kind of huge favour just engaging you in conversation, (although this never extends to listening to you.) You can find evidence for this at every cultural and class level (particularly British comedy.) British men just don't like women. They will fuck 'em, but they don't like them and especially their company. And as for obectification, there is still a ubiquitous male belief in the UK that women don't have a sex drive or even orgasm (I'm serious, there was a long article in The Independent about this last year.) And yet British men just love to make fun of "puritanical" US attitudes to sex, when the reality is that most American guys are far more sexually educated and massively less uptight than men in the UK. British men have an incredibly childish attitude to ANYTHING physical, and this poster is a just another example. It's not that British men are not aware of how profoundly offensive and even threatening these kind of words and images can be when for example blasted all over a subway station (particularly after dark) - it's just they simply don't care. A woman's opinion has no value. I love the BBC, but outside of Saudi Arabia you will not find a more misogynistic instituion. They're answer to sexism (and racism for that matter) is to kettle women into broadcasting ghettos, like "Woman's Hour" or elevate only the most obnoxious just to ensure that women remain the easiest of targets. Sorry people - end of vent. Let the tide of defensive sarcasm begin (it's a familiar tool of UK guys, I'm used to it.)

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Was this supposed to appeal to women, who would actually be the purchaser? I think they missed.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I've thought the exact same thing but in reverse – that I've often found I've felt more like an equal among British men than among American ones (certain circles, of course). Just browsing through the Guardian's site and then the New York Times – the sheer amount of acknowledgment of women's rights, feminism and ongoing inequality in the former (and occasional token pieces in the latter) is astounding. (That said, the misogynist comments are as bad on the Guardian site as on any other paper's site.)

Can't argue with the childish sex bit. British men do not fare well when lovers are rated on an international scale.

10:19 AM  

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