Monday, April 18, 2011

Probably the first time breast groping has been used in a political poster (nsfw).

(click image, via) Those are the ample breasts of Sole S√°nchez Mohamed, Partit Democr√°tic de Ciutadella (PDC) candidate running for municipal office in Menorca, Spain. Headline translation: "two big arguments." She has pulled the posters due to a complaint by an opposition left-wing party, Esquerra de Menorca. The protruding nipples make it extra hard (heh) to attempt serious political discourse here. Anyway: add this chestiness to the revue of products and services that have gratuitously used tits as their ad linchpin. Related: Last November in Spain, a Socialist Party TV spot equated voting to orgasming. (via m24digital)


Anonymous Lou Hub said...

Before the click, I assumed Arnie in Califor-ni-a.

8:01 AM  

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