Friday, May 13, 2011

Copywriters are Douchebags: The Infographic.

(click image, via adland) The "headline created" section is missing several key steps, like "googling benefit word" and "thumbing through Roget's International Thesaurus like a zombie." The rest doesn't apply to me one fucking bit, I swear. I have none of the ironic accessories. I get to work at 7am. And I have short stories, not a screenplay.
Previously in: copywriters are douchebags.


Blogger melissa. said...

I was ready for a good laugh, but was disappointed. Definitely the mark of the kind of copywriter who uses the word "awesome" in every script. I bet he sent a copy to all of his coworkers.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Lincoln said...

I liked it. I'm just now starting to do piecework writing SEO articles and helping a friend of mine with brand management.

I saved this to my dropbox so I will always have access to something as a reminder of what not to do. *low bow* thank you oh mighty copyranter. :-)

11:41 PM  

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