Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Brady Campaign anti-assault clip spot uses a Christina Taylor Green target.

(via) Well, you knew this was coming, post-Tucson massacre. That girl target has really rankled the gun-toting defenders of Freedom—give me my 32 bullets, or give me death! (Read their comments here. Notice that their main complaint is that it's technically a magazine, not a clip. That's an important issue.) Of course, the obvious thought with this spot is that that target represents Jarod Loughner's youngest victim. Also note there is a judge target (John Roll) included.
Disgusting low blow? Shit, I would have found a Loughner doppelgänger to play the shooter. Video below. Ad agency: Fenton, New York. Here's the campaign's website. Previously: Hey Commies, this is how we sell shotguns in Amerikkka!


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