Monday, November 07, 2011

Cool! Real toy soldiers promote toy store on the streets of São Paulo.

(click image, via) I am instantly a ten-year-old boy recreating the battle of the Kursk Salient in my bedroom again. (I had a lot of toy tanks, too.) Yes, I know it's not a new visual idea—people do if for Halloween every year—but I like this stunt nonetheless. Created by Brazilian ad agency ageisobar for Limited Edition Collectible Toys. Video below.
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Anonymous ali said...

Disney World (at least in 2000) had green army men marching around the parking lot at their Fantasy Land theme park. They'd shuffle people into line and get them on the boat or whatever it was that took them across to the entry gate. They didn't have a solid platform for their feet, though; it was split in two so they walked like people wearing scuba flippers. ... and shouted military cliches. I think it was their way of including Toy Story in the Disney experience without actually making a new ride.

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That video would be a wicked setup for a Dirty Harry movie...

9:38 AM  

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