Thursday, November 03, 2011

UK Churches poster presents horrific modern consumerist Nativity scene.

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Blasphemy! Mary's a slut! Joseph's a fucking hipster! Is that a dead cow rug? The black wise man is presenting a fake Damien Hirst skull to our goddamn savior! From the Church Ads (a network of Protestant leaders across the UK) press note:
"Shepherds become cycle couriers and plasterers. Wise men are successful entrepreneurs and their gifts are iconic “treasures” of modern culture: a Swarovski crystal perfume bottle, a Faberge egg and a replica Damian (sic) Hirst skull. All are sharply dressed. But the traditional nativity arrangement is unchanged, with Jesus as its clear focus...It’s the meeting of Christianity and high street consumerism, with Christ in the middle."
Entrepreneurs are wise men? Cram it Churchie.
Last year, their ultrasound baby Jesus poster caused quite the uproar.
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