Thursday, November 10, 2011

Voting is Sex, says Putin's new election commercial.

Think about Vlad, ladies, as you stroke and pull the lever.
Russia's next Parliamentary elections are December 4th. And virile Vlad's United Russia party's popularity has recently fallen from 60 to 51%, according to the Guardian. Expect to see him soon wrestling, killing, and then eating, raw, a bear in front of lots of press.
In the meantime, his party just released this commercial showing two sexy young Russian voters sexing each up other sexily in a polling booth. The end line is "Let's do it together".
Gennady Gudkov, an influential Duma deputy, said Wednesday that he would ask prosecutors and the country's election commission to investigate the advert – not for its sexual content, but for violating the constitution.
"United Russia has forgotten that voting in Russia is meant to be secret," said Gudkov, a member of A Just Russia, a Kremlin-sanctioned opposition party. "According to the law, a person who drops their ballot in the box must be in the booth completely alone."
He'll be drinking some Polonium-laced tea any day now.
Because in Putin's Russia: EVERYTHING SEX!
Last fall, Spain's socialist party produced a spot showing a woman orgasming as she voted.


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