Thursday, January 05, 2012

Today's Ads That'll Make Art Directors Touch Their Genitals™.

(click ads, via Christian Stoll)
Pleasuring yourselves, AD's?
This is Unilever's first ever worldwide print campaign, according to the campaign's photographer. (I don't know what copy, if any, is on the final layouts) They sure do BRAND HARD, don't they? But I don't see any hot babes in those U's, which would be representative of Unilever's mook spray, Axe. Ad agency: O&M, NYC.


Blogger Bock McMillan said...

Hey, copyranter, even I am touching my genitals at these and I am not an AD ;)

11:22 AM  
Blogger mzking said...

Ice Cream and Bleach together, not nice...

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those must be great ads - i am imagining all the consumer waste their products will be generating...


11:45 AM  
Anonymous cath said...

I don't think Unilever would do the "hot naked babes" thing in their umbrella-corporation ads, because they make not only Axe but also Dove. They don't really want to point out to the Dove consumers that their "campaign for real beauty" is a bunch of cynical bullshit. (Likewise, they probably don't want to point out to the Axe consumers that they are encouraging "unhot" women to parade around in their altogethers, so they'll leave the "real beauty" stuff out of these ads, too).

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Bock, you touch your genitals every day, with or without the help of advertising visuals.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Bock McMillan said...

Hey Barbarella (or whatever we decided to call you troll at 12:49 PM). if you want me to send you the hot pictures just post your e-mail here.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No tits.... therefore not interested.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, bockcock. Email me at I will reply with mine.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous -1-T-M- said...

@ BMc

Gott Nytt År och NOTA BENE!

Forget about Jane Fonda, come back to Earth and think once again of Glenn Close of 'Fatal Attraction' fame.

It's 'Alexandra/Alex (I will not be ignored) Forrest.'

är du välkommen

2:46 PM  
Blogger copyranter said...

Hey you two dimtwits: none of the anon trolls are women, believe me.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous -1-T-M- said...

@ Ranter

Getting down to your level...

...Hey dickwad, we never meant to be gender specific, how can one tell?

ONLY referencing a compulsive type of behaviour from anon trolls that I seem to recall you promised to censor, if comments were not relevant, uncreative and abusive!!!

Fatal Attraction: A Tribute to Glenn Close Video

3:12 PM  
Blogger Bock McMillan said...

@ -1-T-M; Ah yes of course buddy, I cannot understand how I could forget!

Excellent Swedish, well almost... Jag önskar dig ett gott nytt år också, kompis! ;)

@copyranter; Hey dude, what my buddy said +1!

Let me add in Swedish (you can ask -1-T-M for the translation if you are too lazy to Google Translate it yourself) "Kärringar finns av alla kön och i alla åldrar!"

...and a very happy new year to you too!

4:07 PM  
Anonymous cath said...

Looking at them some more, I realize they make little sense. The red one... what does lifebuoy soap have to do with a tiny child reading atop a stack of books (or a regular-sized child atop a stack of huge books)? And the tea one... it seems to be saying that their teabags are filled with dirt. Yum!

5:12 PM  
Anonymous BrooklynBrett said...

If you can't figure out why they would combine the various things found in each photograph then you have no business working in advertising.

11:05 AM  
Blogger gregr said...

When I first glanced at the ads, I was thinking of drains under the sink and wondered what the ads were supposed to mean, then I read on and I realized that they were supposed to be the U in Unilever.

2:44 PM  

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