Thursday, February 12, 2015

copyranter®, Inc. is open for business!

(me, creating your great ideas)

I've (well actually my wonderful wife) registered the trademark copyranter®. So I'm now official as fuck.

You want great ad concepts? I'll give you them. Any medium. Any product, from toothpaste to SheMale escort services. Three campaigns for the price of one.

Brands? You want great 'branded content" ideas? I will give you better ideas than any big media website's "creative studio" (Gawker, Vice, etc.) could ever give you. I guaran-fucking-tee it. Then, you can take my idea to their studio and make them execute it. I'll hold their hands to make sure they don't fuck it up.

Also! If you creative studio creative directors want to bring in a hired gun who will give you five ideas better than what your inexperienced creatives could ever hatch, I'm here for you, too. You can even take all the credit, I don't give a crap.

I've given several of these creative studios the chance to hire me at a ridiculously cut rate. You know better than them. It's their loss.

I charge by the day.

Examples of my CLIO/One Show award-winning work available to serious inquirers.


I already have one client, so you won't be the first!

NOTE: I am trying to get out of the ad journalism profession, but people keep paying me to write about this inane industry. So, the ranting continues...


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