Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jake puts his best shit-face forward.

(click ad for closer look at Jake, the fake 13-year-old drunk.)
The ad should read: Start Drinking Before You Start Talking.
Pretty much nothing is more traumatic for a 13-year-old than having one of those "talks" with the parents. So, break out the hooch and pour Jake (and yourself) a couple of fingers, for Christ's sake. Chances are, he might even listen to your hypocritical preaching. Probably should have some weed and Tranny porn on hand, too.
idiotic Ad Council alcohol PSAs are just confusing the Hell out of the issue.
(snapped on Lexington Ave., midtown, but spotted all over Manhattan)
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Blogger RFB said...

"Jake, I've never seen anyone falling down high. I've never seen a young lady lose her virginity because she was so high. I've never seen anyone slur their words and wobble around like a bufoon because they were so high. What I'm saying, Jake, is weed is where it's at, and if any of your buddies at school know where I can score an ounce, your old man would be much obliged.

Shall we drink to that, Jake, my man?"

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Body: It's a fact. Alcohol dehydrates you. We can't stop you from getting shitfaced in your highschool parking lot tonight. But we can help with the after effects. Drink lots of water.

(possibly denote as a number of tips in a serious on getting hammered)

11:08 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Anti-drinking, anti-smoking, anti-drug ads... they all suck. And yet the various "Don't Do ..." agencies wonder why kids still think it's cool to "Do ..."

The "Truth" ads in particular make me want to punch bratty, preachy teens and tweens in the face.

However, for an anti-drinking campaign that's funny and MAY actually make a kid think twice, check out: http://brianclevenger.blogspot.com/

11:35 AM  

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